L&K A-OK! – Week 7 Response to Reading ILT 5340


“Cultures have to be made – created – and they are made by mixing ‘new’ elements with ‘pre-existing elements’ in a manner of conversations” (Lankshear and Knobel, page 97)

This week I decided that I wanted to return to the Lankshear and Knobel text. I have enjoyed the pace, casual writing style, and ample real world examples from New Literacies: Everyday Practices and Social Learning. I did feel, however, that I was ready to move on from introducing the topic and wanted to dive deeper into the concepts, so I decided to skip over chapter 3 and read chapter 4: New Literacies and Social Practices of Digital Remixing. This chapter was fascinating and I think that is because the concept of remixing (outside of music) was brand new to me but so important to understand the development of human culture. I think the quotation I shared sums up how the exchange of ideas between cultures and the subsequent incorporation of new ideas is how cultures evolve through remixing.

After I read the chapter I was talking with my partner about the concept of remixing and how it related to fan fiction, and photoshopping. She casually mentioned that this is a perfect chapter for me because I always want to remix the movies and TV shows we watch. She was right, I always want a different ending to everything I see and will describe to in great detail how I would have done it. To this day I believe that Star Wars episode III could have been the best in the series and possibly the best movie ever if the final 20 minutes of the Revenge of the Sith were used as the first 20 minutes and that the remainder of the run time depicted an armor clad iconic Darth Vader lightsabering his way across the galaxy in pursuit of Obi-Wan Kenobi, who must hide and protect the Skywalker twins. BOOM – Just imagine the number of toys that movie would sell.

The table in the appendix that provides examples of digital remix communities was interesting because it gave a snapshot of what people are doing and the technologies used to share. The diversity in the technical ways to remix and soruce material reminded me of the Cybercultural Matrix discussed in The New Digital Storytelling text. I was disappointed because the table was hard to read on my tablet and made it difficult to comfortably access the information. I did follow some links to view the remix examples. I watched a lot of videos on YouTube and most of it was interesting and respectable. I would not have the ability to create 30 minute long fan fiction videos or realistic faux movie trailers. I was also inspired by my inquiry to find fan fiction comics. I again found many well done and interesting work people have shared. One particular fan comic was awesome(warning comic has scenes of graphic violence): The Deal  by Gerardo Preciado and Daniel Bayliss . This comic was set in what L&K described as an alternate universe style of fan fiction and gives Batman the opportunity to try a new approach to dealing with the Joker, who has yet again attacked The Batman by hurting someone close to Bruce Wayne. The art is also very nice and reminds me of Paul Pope’s work for Batman: Year 100. I love the freedom the authors used to solve the Joker problem by approaching it from a different perspective.

L&K A-OK! – Week 7 Response to Reading ILT 5340

2 thoughts on “L&K A-OK! – Week 7 Response to Reading ILT 5340

  1. Your partner really understands you – this chapter, the concept of remixing, does tap into your interests! I enjoyed the The Deal – it is a good example of the ideas that L&K discuss. Glad to see your connection to the Alexander text as well.


  2. Darren, I loved your reply to this chapter! I, too, was surprised by the examples of “remixing” that were given in the chapter, I hadn’t really thought of remix outside of the world of music. Fanfic was one that stood out to me too, I would have never categorized it as a remix until now. On a personal note and as a huge Star Wars fan myself I couldn’t agree more with your assessment of Episode III. I just re-watched the entire series (I’ve seen them all hundreds of times) but this time I really sat down and watched them all in order, I also watched them with two little kids that had never seen them before! Those last 20 min of Episode III were both exciting and a disappointment for me, I felt like I had been waiting since I was a little kid to see how exactly Darth Vader had gotten into that suit and there it was happening and then it was over… So, a long winded explanation to say, YES, that movie could have started there!

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