Somebody Needs to Study Comics

Oh Please Me!

I have decided to pursue a learning focus that looks at graphic novels and comics. As a life long lover of comics I see how comics grab and hold the reader’s attention. As a teacher I want to harness that engagement to reach all readers and especially the reluctant readers. And as a reader, reluctant reader at a young age,  I know form experience how important the engaging comic format is. To satisfy my professional and personal learning goals I want to look at comics in two ways:

  • First I want to craft and develop a well researched argument that supports the use of comics and graphic novels as tools to support the development of literacy.
  • Second I want to take this unique opportunity to search out and experience the latest trends in digital comics, in order to expand my understanding of the comic and stay abreast of the latest developments in digital comics.
Somebody Needs to Study Comics

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